________May 5th

08h00-08h30 :
08h30-08h45 :
Opening Ceremony (welcome by IPH members, Eric CASTELLI (MICA), Laurent BESACIER (LIG), Workshop Chair)
08h45-10h15 :
Invited Talk 1 : Tanja SCHUTLZ (Interactive Systems Labs , CMU&UKA) : "Multilingual speech recognition in the framework of under-resourced languages" (pdf version)
10h15-10h30 :
Coffee Break
10h30 :
Technical Session 1 : Automatic Speech Recognition 1 (Oral session), chair Tanja SCHULTZ
10h30-11h00 :
Thomas PELLEGRINI: Are audio or textual training data more important for ASR in less-represented languages? (pdf version)
11h00-11h30 :
Abdiilahi NIMAAN: Preservation of african cultural heritage by automatic transcription of african languages (pdf version)
11h30-12h00 :
Quan VU: An empirical study of multipass decoding for vietnamese LVCSR (pdf version)
12h00-12h30 :
Arnar JENSSON: Development of a speech recognition system for icelandic using machine translated text (pdf version)
12h30-14h00 :
14h00 :
Technical Session 2 : Automatic Speech Recognition 1 (Oral session), chair Lori LAMEL
14h00-14h30 :
Hong Quang NGUYEN : Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition for vietnamese, a minority language (pdf version)
14h30-15h00 :
Sebastian STUKER: Integrating Thai grapheme based acoustic models into the ML-mix framework - for language independent and cross-language ASR (pdf version)
15h00-15h30 :
Sopheap SENG: Which units for acoustic and language modeling in Khmer ASR? (pdf version)
15h30-16h00 :
Solomon GIZAW: Multiple pronunciation model for Amharic speech recogntion (pdf version)
16h00-16h30 :
Viet-Bac LE: Recent advances in automatic speech recognition for Vietnamese (pdf version)
16h30-16h45 :
Coffee Break
16h45-17h30 :
Visit of International Research Center MICA
20h00 :
Workshop Banquet...

________May 6th

08h30-09h00 :
09h00-10h30 :
Invited Talk 2 : Yoshinori SAGISAKA (Waseda University, Japan) "Corpus-based speech synthesis from reading speech to communicative speech" (pdf version)
10h30-10h45 :
Coffee Break
10h45 :
Technical Session 2 : Speech Synthesis & Language Ressources (Oral Session), chair Yoshinori SAGISAKA
10h45-11h15 :
Do Dat TRAN: Register of vietnamese tones in continuous speech (pdf version)
11h15-11h45 :
Marissa VAN ROOYEN: The systematic collection of speech corpora for all eleven official south african languages (pdf version)
11h45-12h15 :
John KOMINEK: Synthesizer voice quality of new languages calibrated with mean mel cepstral distortion (pdf version)
12h15-13h30 :
Lunch Break
13h30 :
Technical Session 3 : Machine translation related topics (Oral Session), chair Christian BOITET
13h30-14h :
Michael PAUL: Translation of unknown words in phrase-based statistical machine translation for languages of rich morphology (pdf version)
14h-14h30 :
Sebastian STUKER: Towards human translations guided language discovery for ASR systems (pdf version)
14h30-15h :
Cong-Phap HUYNH: Extending an on-line parallel corpus management system to handle specific types of structured documents (pdf version)
15h-15h15 :
Coffee Break
15h15 :
Technical Session 4 : ASR & Miscellaneous Topics (Oral session), chair Pascal NOCERA
15h15-15h45 :
Emmanuel M. MAKASSO: Prosody & expressiveness marking in Basaa oral discourse: the case of melisms (first results) (pdf version)
15h45-16h15 :
Mathias ROSSIGNOL: Automatic acquisition of lexical semantic information using medium to small corpora (pdf version)
16h15-16h45 :
Ozgur CETIN: Unsupervised adaptive speech technology for limited resource languages: a case study for Tamil (pdf version)
16h45-17h15 :
Jun CAI: Transcribing southern min speech corpora with a web-based language learning system (pdf version)
17h15-17h45 :
Firoj ALAM: Acoustic analysis of Bangla consonants (pdf version)
17h45-18h15 :
Concluding Remarks / Discussions about 2d SLTU Conference in 2010 ?

________May 7th

We propose a selection of 3 tours around Hanoi

  • Visit of Halong Bay (two possibilities : 1 day tour or 2 days/1 night tour)
  • Visit of Hoa Luu (1 day tour)
  • Visit of Perfume Pagoda (1 day tour)

The tour operator "Travel Vietnam Four Seasons Co LTD" will be present in the conference hall during 5th morning:

  • registration will be available directly with the tour operator
  • the tour operator will organise the visits

You can download the "tour description" file (pdf file) here.