Arriving in Penang

When you first arrive in Penang International airport, there is a taxi booth located inside the building. They charge a standard fare, and you could hire a taxi there for RM25-RM30 to B-Suite, Vistana or Equatorial hotel.

Travelling Around Penang

Public transport in Penang is not very convenient. Taxi is the more convenient type of transport in Penang to travel from one place to another. Taxi in Penang does not use meter. Thus, before boarding a taxi, enquire about the fare first. Taxi stands are not very common in Penang, so when you need a taxi, you could call the following numbers.

  • Georgetown Taxi: 04-2299467, 04-2617098
  • BJ Radio Taxi: 04-6430161, 012 572 6487
  • Taxi Drivers Association: 04-2625721
  • Sunshine Radio Taxi: 04-6425961
  • Jade Auto Company: 04-2263015
  • Bayview Taxi Stand:
  • Super Radio Taxi Service Center: 04-281-8766, 282-8753

Mobile Phone

You could purchase the local mobile phone (prepaid) SIM card in many places, especially in shopping malls. The mobile operators in Malaysia are Maxis, Digi and Celcom. The card cost about RM20-RM30. Remember to bring along your passport for registration.

University Sains Malaysia, Penang

There are 3 entrances in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang.

The main entrance is at the right of the map, which is the Minden entrance.

The second entrance is at Sungai Dua. This is the busiest entrance as this is the nearest exit to many residential areas, shops and restaurants. You can find local food court, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robin and others just 5 minutes walk from here. If you are coming from B-Suite hotel or Vistana hotel, this is the most likely gate you will use.

The third entrance is at the left of the map, which is the Bukit Gambir entrance. Opposite the gate, it is USM hostel. Around that area, you can also find many restaurants. If you are coming from Equatorial hotel, this is the most likely gate you will use. The red line on the map shows the main roads in USM. The venue of the SLTU'10 Workshop is at DPU.

  1. Hockey field
  2. Mosque
  3. School of Computer Sciences and Mathematics
  4. DTSP (USM main hall)
  5. Post office
  6. Anjung Budi Cafe
  7. Chancellory building
  8. Dewan Persidangan Universiti (DPU) - Venue of SLTU'10 Workshop
  9. Local food court
  10. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robin, Chinese restaurant
  11. Clinic
  12. Pelita - Indian Muslim restaurant

General map