Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo 2018 is a large-scale international event hosted by the Vietnamese Government and the Central Economic Commission, with the consent of the Standing Secretariat, the Prime Minister and the Head of the Central Economic Commission. The event focuses on discussing the current status of the deployment and application of the Industry 4.0 in Vietnam, the role of policymakers in formulating a proactive approach to Industry 4.0 and international co-operation as well as proposing solutions and options to optimize breakthrough technologies in all socio-economic fields.

Beside the Conference, the Expo gathers 50 booths from leading corporations in such sectors as manufacturing, agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, Health, Transportation, Banking – Finance, E-Commerce, etc. Especially, the business matching activities will be held on the sidelines the Conference and Exhibition. MICA participated in the event as part of HUST which appeared as the only educational institution. We also welcomed the Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam to have a look at our results and prototypes.