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Publications in 2017
International Conference and Workshop Papers

Indexing syllable dictionary for non-uniform unit selection speech synthesis: Application on Text-to-speech system on Android devices
NGUYEN Tien Thanh, MAC Dang Khoa, TRAN Do Dat, NGUYEN Manh Ha, CASTELLI Eric, NGUYEN Viet Son
1st Conference on OCR and NLP for ASEAN Languages, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - november 2017

National Conference and Workshop Papers

Rapid development of text to speech system for unsupported languages using faking input approach: experiment with Muong
FAIR - Fundamental and Applied IT Research, Da Nang, Vietnam - august 2017
issn: 978-604-913-614-6
Publications in 2016
International Conference and Workshop Papers

A Domotic Solution with Vietnamese Speech Interaction
Proceedings of the 9th regional conference on electrical and electronics engineering, pages 258-262 - november 2016
Publications in 2015
Books and Book Chapters

Modeling Vietnamese speech prosody: A step-by-step approach towards an expressive speech synthesis system
Springer, chap. 23, pages 273-287, Trends and Applications in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining - ISBN 978-3-319-25659-7, ISSN 0302-9743, vol. 9441 , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, PAKDD 2015 Workshops: BigPMA, VLSP, QIMIE, DAEBH - May 2015

International Conference and Workshop Papers

Influences of speaker attitudes on glottalized tones: a study of two vietnamese sentence-final particles
18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2015), International Phonetic Association - 2015
issn: 241-0669

International Project Reports

Project Vietnam-Japan "Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio", soumission de project
MICA - 2015

National Project Report

KC03.07/11-15: Summarize report of the project KC03 - Phase 2
Nation project KC03.07/11-15 - October 2015


KC03.07/11-15: Technical report 1 of the project KC03 - Phase 2
Nation project KC03.07/11-15 - October 2015


KC03.07/11-15: Final report of the project KC03-Phase 2
MICA - October 2015


KC03.07/11-15: SS0020 Studying some analysis method basing on acoustic model
Nation project KC03.07/11-15 - June 2015

Transfer Project Reports

High quality Vietnamese TTS engine for Android
HUST-MICA, B1 Building Hanoi University of Science and Technology, num. 2014-HUST-, FINAL PROJECT REPORT - December 2015


Poster in TechMart 2015
Poster - TechMart 2015 - October 2015


MICA OPEN DAY "Introduction of student projects to PFIEV & Talen students"
Presentation - Openday - October 2015
Publications in 2014
Articles in Peer-Reviewed National Journals

Effect of Sentence-Final Particles on Generation of Fundamental Frequency in Standard Vietnamese
Journal of Science and Technology Technical Universities, pages 171-178, num. 101 - August 2014
issn: 0868-3980


Giải pháp sử dụng kỹ thuật xử lý âm thanh trong điều khiển ppk 37mm
Journal of Science and Technology Researches in Military, pages 77-85, vol. 4-2014 - April 2014
issn: 1859-1043


Application of speech processing technology in development of a target distance input system
Journal of Automation Today, Series Control technique and Automation, HUST publisher, vol. 9 - April 2014
issn: 1859-0551

International Conference and Workshop Papers

Intonation Issues In HMM-Based Speech Synthesis For Vietnamese
NGUYEN Thi Thu Trang, RILLIARD Albert, TRAN Do Dat, ALESSANDRO Christophe, PHAM Thi Ngoc Yen
International workshop on Spoken Langages Technologies for Under-resourced languages, the 3rd International Workshop on Spoken Language Technologies for Under-resourced Languages, pages 98-104, ISCA - 2014
issn: 978-5-8088-0908-6.


Application of speech technologies for Vietnamese language on smartphone. VIetnamese Voice Assistant system (VIVA)
Regional Conference on Computer and Information Engineering (RCCIE), AUNSeedNet, pages 107-111 - October 2014
issn: 978-602-71396-0-2


Prosodic phrasing modeling for Vietnamese TTS using syntactic information
NGUYEN Thi Thu Trang, RILLIARD Albert, TRAN Do Dat, D’ALESSANDRO Christophe
INTERSPEECH 2014, ISCA, IEEE, pages 2332-2336, ISCA - September 2014
issn: 1990-9770


Abnormal event detection using multimedia information for monitoring system
The 5th IEEE International Conference on Communications and Electronics, IEEE, pages 490-495, IEEE - July 2014
issn: 978-1-4799-5050-8

National Project Report

National Project "Thiết kế awngten linh hoạt và các thiết bị cao tần sử dụng công nghệ in trên các vật liệu mềm phục vụ cho các ứng dụng công nghệ không dây hiện đại", project proposal in FIRST program
MICA - December 2014


KC03.07/11-15: SS0053 Building a speech database for TTS system
Nation project KC03.07/11-15 - April 2014


Nghiên cứu, ứng dụng CNTT trong xây dựng hệ thống giám sát, hỗ trợ chăm sóc bệnh nhân tại phòng điều trị thông minh (Abnormal event detection using multimedia information for monitoring system)
Ministry of Science and Technology, Complete Scientific Report of Protocol project - March 2014
Publications in 2013
International Conference and Workshop Papers

Machine Translation Approach for Vietnamese Diacritic Restoration
IALP 2013 - 2013


The interplay of intonation and complex lexical tones: how speaker attitudes affect the realization of glottalization on Vietnamese sentence-final particles
INTERSPEECH 2013, Lyon, France - August 2013